The Company

Established in 1990 the Scapa Flow Diving Centre is one of the oldest established recreational diving companies in Orkney.

The SFDC was established by Anthony Duncan in 1990. The current owner, Kenny Peace, took over the business in 2006 and has taken his experience as a relief skipper on various local dive boats and previously as a deep sea fisherman trawling and prawn fishing in the North Sea and the Atlantic. Kenny has made several significant improvements to the Crusader in order to make the most of the vessel for dive holiday use. A saloon to seat 12 has been added, cabins have been installed to sleep 8, new galley facilities have also been added. The last of the improvements will be complete in summer 2013 with the addition of two showers, and a sauna.

Kenny also incorporated the MV Revenge to the Scapa Flow Diving Centre fleet in 2012, broadening the business to operate within the summer 'tourist' season and make the most of the year-round scallop diving industry. Through this the business as a whole benefits from stability and flexibility of two dive ready boats and all the equipment available should inconveniences occur in either one.